About Us

About Us

Reflection project is a (registered charity) voluntary/community organisation set up in March 2006 our mission is simple, promoting moral, social and spiritual development, educational and recreation for today’s society.

Through education, training and self-development the scope and variety of its activities are focused on bringing about spiritual reawakening and empowering people through personal and social development initiative.  To empower women in our community by starting up educational workshop and social events organized by women for women to encourage them further to become positive role models for other women.  Our aim is to help people re-discover this great potential through learning, serving and caring.



Building a sustainable and safe community through investing in young people by tackling the issues at the heart of the community.



-          Empowerment of Young People

-          Tackling Drug Abuse

-          Developing Skills and Tackling Financial Exclusion

-          Building Character

-          Tackling Extremist Theologies

-          Promoting Cultural Diversity and building community cohesion

-          Inclusion

-          Working In Partnership

-          Developing Knowledge and Opportunities for Young People


Strategic Scope

Reflection Project comprises of young people developing activities for young people and children. This involves youth engagement through a variety of knowledge building activities with the balance of social and moral aspect. There is a local Sunday school held every week in the local mosque, a partnership with Derby College to engage with students which has over a 100 hundred member’s joint so far with reflection society and growing, a street campaign which develops young people’s prospects and opportunities tackling root causes leading to crime. Sister unite a new


initiative to tackle issue faced by young women age 16-21yrs such has forced marriage, abuse, drugs, run by young women, al-ameen scouts group in partnership with derby scouts association  young boys age 7-11 yrs based at heart of the park (launch date mid summer 2011).

The local area has a significant drug abuse problem especially amongst younger groups. Extremist ideological thought is present although not prevalent. Mistrust lies between some local young people and authoritative organisations and must be tackled. Reflection takes a wide variety of strategies in order to tackle the problem of young people in a diverse and multi cultural society.

 The reflection project is currently engaged with over 200 young people and has a modest budget which is supported by volunteers and local community in kind donations. The work of the reflection project is far reaching and highly effective. It has gained a reputable position within the community and has active participation at its core.

‘Reflection project’ has numerous ongoing project and many of which are yet to be realised. This is neither due to its available resources, passionate volunteers or its service users. It is simply because of lack of government support. The organisation has vast potential to secure positive change in the local community and has an agenda based on sustainability and real positive outcomes for young people across the city.



The reflection project is currently working for the following outcomes:

-          Young people involved in sports activities to develop skills  and reduce anti social behaviour

-          Young people taught extremist awareness understanding to build a safer community for all

-          Monthly grassroots  young people engagement activities and delivering the true concept of Jihad

-          Developing a monthly Newsletter to repute extreme views online and leaflets

-          Developing links with local, national and regional organisations

-          Delivering real benefits to young people

-          Reducing crime within the local community of Derby

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