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Football Project

Reflection projects prized initiative to engage with young people, using sport to build bridges and community cohesion.  Helping young people to achieve there goals in life applying innovative ways to develop there teamwork, communication and supporting others. Reflection project football is a doorway to bring young people of the streets into a safe environment.  The [...]

In To The Light

This is the call towards God’s Pleasure in the widest sense.  This call, which is addressed by the believer to both Muslim and non-Muslims, should always be made with the best manners and intentions.   Allah says: “Invite to the path of your lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching. Reason with them in the most [...]


We figured this was a unique way of engaging with the youth with things which they enjoyed Teach them life skills as well as instilling in them discipline and confidence as individuals. Scouting more importantly has events where parents can also participate and help to re-in force the family network. Scouting also has national day [...]

Sister Unite

The sister’s unite project is primarily aimed at young Asian Women between the ages of 12 -21+. A Project run by women for women.  Due to the lack of facilities and social activities available for young Asian women.  Also to support cultural/religious needs and hardships e.g. forced Marriages/girls running away from home, Drugs and Alcohol [...]

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