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Abdullah bin Omar said that our Holy Prophet (saw) said, “'One who helps someone in his need, Allah helps him in his work, and one who removes any worry or trouble of any Muslim, Allah, in return, removes anyone of his worries on the Day of Judgment'.(Abu Daud, Kilab-al-Adab, Bad-al-Muvakhat)

Are you having problems Family or Marriage problems?

Are you having problems with your children and feel helpless?

Do you feel that people don’t understand you?

 Are you feeling lonely and depressed?

For all kind of emotional issues, Call Reflection Helpline!


 Reflection Helpline is a registered charity which provides people with a free, faith-sensitive, and confidential service to discuss their issues living in a dual culture, this service will be for Muslims in Derby, Burton, Nottingham and across the U.K

 Reflection Helpline provides a confidential helpline for Muslims to receive immediate, anonymous, and confidential support over the phone on Saturday & Sunday between 1pm – 3pm, This service was founded by a group of people within the reflection project who realised there was a need for this support within the east midlands.

 All listeners/helpline Advisors will be trained and approved so that they can provide a sympathetic ear and can respond in a targeted fashion to those who require emotional support.

The aim of Reflection Helpline is to promote a listening helpline for everyone who is struggling with everyday life and also with issues in and around the home. As Muslims ourselves we know how any problems or concerns we have are “brushed under the carpet”, Muslims are increasingly reluctant to access mainstream support services for fear of being discriminated and misunderstood, and conversely mainstream support services are struggling to serve hard to reach minority Muslims. As well as providing a much needed service to this group, Reflection Helpline has always aimed to act as a bridge between mainstream services and its clients and wherever we can, actively encourage our clients to access mainstream services for more specialist support.

We will have an approved list of organisations who we can direct callers to if they so wish, otherwise our main aim will be to listen. Also we will make sure that there is no conflict of interest when recommending any related organisations.


Reflection Helpline - Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information


 Everything a caller says is confidential to Reflection Helpline unless:


  • We have informed consent from a caller to pass on information e.g. we call an ambulance because a caller appears to be incapable of making rational decisions for him or herself.

  • If the caller requires emergency services we ask the caller to make this call and then call us back.

  • If the caller is not capable of making this decision then The Reflection Project Muslim Helpline will call the Emergency services on their behalf.

  • We receive a court order requiring us to divulge information

  • We are passed information about acts of terrorism or bomb warnings

  • A caller attacks or threatens volunteers

  • a caller deliberately prevents the service from being delivered to other callers. E.g. continuous hoax, abusive, threatening calls

  • if a caller is clearly intending to cause physical harm to another person, preserving their confidentiality jeopardises other person's safety;

  • if the caller discloses that they have caused serious injury or even death to another person, non-disclosure will not only prolong the distress of the victim and      their family but might prejudice any police investigation;

  • If the caller seems to be abusing a child, preserving their confidentiality risks colluding with that abuse.


Maintaining confidentiality is taken very seriously by Reflection Helpline


  • The caller can remain anonymous and does not have to disclose any personal information which is identifiable to them.

  • If the caller does disclose their name or identity this will not be recorded at any point during the call or after.

  • The calls themselves will not be recorded.

  • We will maintain records of a statistical nature, detailing type of call, length, date and approximate time.

  • Caller line Identification – we cannot see the telephone number you are calling from.  

  • We will have male and female volunteers each working different shifts. If you prefer to speak to a advisor of a different gender, you just have to say so and sometimes we may suggest it.                                                              

  • The helpline will provide a free and confidential support service mainly for those who are unable to talk about their problems to family, friends and mainstream services due to cultural stereotypes and taboos.

  • All listeners/helpline Advisors will be trained and approved so that they can provide a sympathetic ear and can respond in a targeted fashion to those who require emotional support.


03333 440 776