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This is the call towards God’s Pleasure in the widest sense.  This call, which is addressed by the believer to both Muslim and non-Muslims, should always be made with the best manners and intentions.


Allah says:

“Invite to the path of your lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching. Reason with them in the most courteous manner”.

(Sura al –Nahl, Q16;125)     

Into the light launched in mid spring 2011


  • To educate and direct individuals towards a positive perception of religion and spirituality
  • To show others that religion has a major part to play in society and that many social benefits can be gained from the community aspect
  • To build better relations between major religions through interfaith dialogue
  • To tackle extremism in the community through education and workshops
  • To tackle Islamaphobia and promote the true aspect of Islam
  • To provide a support network and a safe haven for new Muslims


  • To have an open presence (including a stand) in the heart of the local community where passers-by can ask questions and take away literature that will dispel myths in the media and illustrate similarities between religions.
  • To run workshops within the community that are available to all without booking or any other cost and within walking distance so that people from different beliefs (and also those of different ideologies of the same faith) can come and talk about key issues
  • To produce literature that is easy to read and free from complex jargon where readers can take away a few key ideas and reassurances. We will try to make these simple yet comprehensive so that the individual can get a full picture without the need for further information.
  • To counteract extremist publications and leaflets by producing our own literature in response to theirs. For example, if they argue for a distinction between British and Muslim, we would explain that you can be both without any form of separation between the two using historical and recent evidence.


Why humans turn Away from God


The initial purity of the human soul becomes tainted by four distinct factors:

  1. Whispering from the Shaytan.
  2. Desires from the self (nafs).
  3. Worldly inclinations.
  4. Mixing with heedless and ruthless people.

The situation that we find our self today can be illustrated through the following story.

Once upon a time, a pride of lions left a cub behind when drinking water from the lake.  At first the cub was alarmed, but soon he amused himself by playing with some ostriches that had also come for a drink.  He started to copy their behaviour: the way they walked and the sounds that they made, so that as he began to live amongst them he had the appearance of a lion, but did not act like a lion – he did not roar, nor hunt.  One day, when another pride of lions came to prey on the flock of ostriches, he ran away in terror.  An older lion was amazed to see this and tracked him down.

The baby lion cried, “Please don’t eat me!”

The other lion dragged him to the water to look at his reflection.

The cub remained adamant saying, “I know you’re just going to eat me.” But he was made to look again and again, until finally he decided he was a lion.  They both roared and returned back to the pride.

We need to remember that when we see something bad, it is from the four influences mentioned above and not the person’s fitrah.  We must continue to want good for them. 

Did not the prophet (saw) pray for his opponents “Oh Allah! Guide my people, they do not know”?   


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