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We figured this was a unique way of engaging with the youth with things which they enjoyed Teach them life skills as well as instilling in them discipline and confidence as individuals. Scouting more importantly has events where parents can also participate and help to re-in force the family network. Scouting also has national day where all scouts regardless of race or ethnicity come together from all over the country.

The aims of the Scouts project are to instill the following values into our youth:

  • Good character based on Sunnah, trustworthiness, self-controlled and self-confident
  • Have self-respect and respect for others
  • are proactive and practicing Muslims who will spread Islam
  • To train and develop the youth to become effective callers to Islam and active workers for the advancement of the Muslim community.




  • The objectives of our Muslim Scouts group are to develop an organisation which builds individuals into positive role models in their society.


  • The activities as part of scouting will allow the youth to build on their leadership, organisational, teamwork and communication skills all of which are important in their everyday life.


  • We hope that through Muslim Scouts we are able to nurture muslim children to be confident and proud of their Deen wherever they may be, as well as feeling a sense of responsibility for the environment that they live in. Through outdoor activities and team building exercises such hikes, mountain climbing, camping, orienteering, trips/exchanges with other groups abroad etc. which allows the scouts to put into practice the art of patience, reliance on Allah (swt), and respect for one another and their environment.


         “…Surely Allah does not change the condition the condition of a people (Al-Nas) until they change their own condition…” (13:11)


  • True revival of the Muslim community will begin to be seen first when people realise in their hearts, the way they think and their characters and when they utilise time and energy to change the community around them. We hope that through this project we are able to achieve this Insha’Allah.


  • Thus, in conclusion the objective of the project is to develop the youth, instilling principles of good character, and helping to develop their skills that will help them through life.

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